Coming Soon

Finding My Highlander is available in ebook and print format. You may pre-order the book through my amazing publisher, Tirgearr Publishing at the following link. Book Page, Author Page

And the wheels on the bus never stop! I’m working on a prequel to Finding My Highlander. The story will follow a surprise twist disclosed late in the romantic tale of my star-crossed lovers, Andra and Kendrick, from Finding My Highlander. Aren’t you curious?

I’m also working on a brand new time-travel romance novel set in a slightly later period. Research and character development is slow due to FMH release and promotion, but ongoing none-the-less. My muse has been jumping into this new story ever since I reached the 3/4 point of Finding My Highlander. She’s been very annoying and not helpful with her constant interruptions as I work on the FMH prequel and this other new time-travel novel. In other words, my characters are all running amuck and driving me a little crazy. Nothing new there!

And of course, there is always the work of promoting any newly launched book, which takes endless hours of effort. That’s where you, my readers, are invaluable. Please remember to share a review when you finish reading Finding My Highlander. Your comments mean so much to me and to all writers, and in this world of e-books, are essential to our success. Thank you.

In addition, I will be posting a number of pieces in various Blog spots over the next few months. I will announce those postings on my Facebook and Twitter pages as they occur. I’m very excited about these little posts and the new work.

Keep happy thoughts. May you always sail on calm seas, into spectacular sunsets, and wake to clear, dewdrop mornings.

Aleigha Siron