Aleigha's Current Reading

As you might imagine, writing another book, a few dozen poems, and the effort to edit my work has kept me away from my second favorite pastime, reading. However, I logged in a few good reads, which I’ll briefly mention below. No contemporary works in this bunch. I have a few downloaded, such as All the Light we Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr. I know this will be a great read, but I wasn’t ready for the heavier war related topic while writing my current book. Maybe I’ll get to it before my next Newsletter.

Moonlight, Hunter’s Moon, and Blood Moon. The first three books from Lisa Kessler’s Moon Series.

For all you warewolf lovers, this series provides a new twist on a familiar troupe. We have shifters, i.e., warewolves and their jaguar nemeses, twisted government officials and their evil experiments on unsuspecting souls, all wrapped up in a fast-paced story. For the genre, a definite 4.5 stars. You’ll love the characters.

A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin, by Sophie Jordan

This is a passionate, sensuous on the slightly naughty side (stepsiblings) story, but not as icky as that concept might imply. After all, the lovers aren’t related by blood and have barely spent time in each other’s presence. The debutante, Rosalie, is no wilting violet. Her former schoolmistress has dropped her on her stepbrother’s doorstep fresh out of a finishing school (of sorts).

Declan, the stepbrother, is the typical rogue about London living in his bachelor’s pad and is not interested in having this young woman under foot. So he settles a substantial dowry on her, engages his aunt and cousin as chaperons and puts her on the marriage market. Of course, the dowry assures the attentions of every worthless rogue seeking a bride to settle their depts.

They each have the own reasons for not wanting marriage, but in her case, being female, she has little choice. As every wrong suitor shows up, Declan’s interest in Rosalie grows. The story possesses plenty of sparks between the H/h, eventually hot passion, and a few dastardly unworthy characters thrown in as well. Overall a very entertaining read - 4 stars.

The Trouble with Dukes, by Grace Burrowes

Well, first of all, it’s a Grace Burrowes’s love troupe. What else need I say? Intelligent, well-developed characters, clever story line with a few LOL moments. Even if you haven’t read all the previous stories, you’ll love the H/h. I especially loved the hero, branded with the moniker “Duke of Murder.” How can one resist such an opening salvo? A solid 4.5 stars. I can’t wait for the next book in the Windham Brides series.